Calorie Calculator: Estimate Your Caloric needs

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Know How much energy you need

A calorie calculator can be a useful tool in helping you on your health and fitness goals.  Knowing how much food you should likely eat has never been easier.  This calculator will provide you with a basal metabolic rate, as well as a recommended daily caloric intake.

These calculations are based on the Harris-Benedict Equation which is used to calculate the BMR.  A multiplier is then applied based on your activity level.  To read more about the Harris-Benedict Equation and how it is calculated, visit my post through this link.

A macro calculator will be coming soon.

For a full breakdown on counting macros and how to use macros to reach your goals, see the whole article on How to Count Macros here.


This calculator and associated links are not intended to guide any medical nutritional advice or substitute the guidance of any licensed medical professional.  Please consult with a licensed medical doctor or a licensed registered dietician in your state before making any changes to you your dietary habits.