35 Gift Ideas For Health And Fitness Enthusiasts [2023]

If you have a fitness enthusiast, you know how important it is for them to stay healthy and in shape.

Finding the perfect gift that will encourage their fitness journey can be difficult – I’m here to help! Here are some great ideas for the fitness fanatics in your life. There is something for everyone, from gym equipment and health supplements to clothing and gear.

Regardless of their fitness level or the type of activities they like to do, you can find the best fitness gifts to help them feel motivated and reach their goals.

What Are The Best Gift Ideas For Health And Fitness Enthusiasts [2023]

So you want to give a gift to that one fit friend who has almost everything? Check out these ideas for inspiration.

1.) Health Trackers

What better way to support their healthy lifestyle than with some practical gifts?

A good quality health tracker is a great option; it helps your friend keep track of their progress and motivates them to reach their fitness goals. An Apple watch is a great start, though companies are emerging that specialize in analyzing your health data from custom-built trackers.

A gift like Whoop Band or Oura Ring will show your friend that you support their healthy lifestyle while being both practical, thoughtful, and water resistant, making it easy to track all of their workouts.

With these, Apple watch included, they can track their sleep and exertion levels, and you’ll be sure to make your fit friend’s day!

2.) Protein

As a fitness fan, fueling your body with the proper nutrients is important, especially after a tough workout. That’s why gifting your fit friend with protein is the perfect solution to help with muscle recovery and repair.

From powders to bars, the options are endless, so you can find the perfect gift to fit their personal preferences. Podium Nutrition has this delicious coffee ice cream whey protein powder, while 1st Phorm has a delicious French toast protein option for vegans.

Not only will they appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but they’ll also benefit from the added protein to support their muscle recovery from both strength training and endurance training.

So go ahead and give the gift of fitness this year, and watch as your friend crushes their next workout.

3.) Meal Prep Subscription

Know someone who watches their nutrition but is too busy for meal prep?

A subscription service to a meal prep company can help them stay fueled while providing all the essentials.

This thoughtful gift gives the recipient convenience and nutrition all in one package. Plus, with choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, they’ll never have to go without a healthy meal again. Trifecta has amazing options that are full of flavor and are a huge time saver, and easy to fuel up after those hard workouts!

Your friend will thank you for this time-saving gift that helps them stay on track with their fitness goals.

4.) Meal Prep Gear

Is your friend a health nut who also loves to cook?

They may love some new meal prep gear, like a large cutting board or a proper set of glass storage containers to safely microwave those meals on the go.

With some meal prep gear, all fitness lovers can ensure their healthy meals are planned out and prepped in advance so they have time to focus on the other things in their lives.

5.) Kitchen Knives

And if your friend loves any meal prep gear, then they may really love an update to their kitchen knives.

A sharp, stylish, and dependable knife can make prep time so much quicker, safer, and more enjoyable all around.

These Misen knives may be the only 3 blades your friend will ever need.

6.) Rogue Gift Card

No clue what your friend may want, but know they would love the best fitness gifts?

A Rogue Gift Card is one of the safest fitness gifts you could ever give, with gear for any type of workout.

Rogue has almost anything under the sun that could be used for a great workout. They also have a three pack offering where if you buy three items, all shipping is free. From a rowing machine to barbells and racks for a home gym setup, the Rogue gift card could be one of the best fitness gifts around.

7.) Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Speaking of rowing machines, Concept 2 makes some of the highest quality rowing equipment available.

The Concept 2 Model D rowing machine is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for serious fitness enthusiasts. It’s designed to be used in commercial gyms and can be easily set up at home.

From burning calories to building strength, a Concept 2 Rower is one of the best gifts you could buy for everything from HIIT to long endurance workouts.

8.) Peloton Subscription

Know someone who loves listening to curated playlists while breaking a sweat? Peloton caught huge momentum over the past few years and still sits as one of the most used at-home gym options. The Peloton Bike is hard to beat for endurance training.

Peloton offers many classes, including yoga, cycling, and more.

With this subscription, your fitness enthusiast friend can access the inspiring coaches and motivating music that comes with Pelaton’s classes from their home.

9.) Mirror Subscription

Looking for a fitness gift for someone who is already a cardio bunny but looking for more strength training and calisthenic options?

Mirror is a great option for any fitness lover looking to take their body to the next level.

Mirror offers a variety of classes to keep their routine fresh and challenging. Plus, the sleek design is great for any home gym.

10.) Cycle Bar Memberships

Group classes are an excellent way to integrate more socialization into life.

Cycle Bar has all of your workouts covered, so there is no need for a workout planner and no need to buy shoes specific for cycling; you can rent there, and they have a shoe compartment to store your goods.

11.) Gym Membership(LifeTime, CrossFit)

For a more extensive and all-inclusive workout experience, gift your fitness enthusiast a membership to their favorite gym.

LifeTime offers everything from cardio equipment to group classes, while CrossFit group classes offer a full body workout and has helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their health goals. Whichever you choose, they will be able to stay fit and active with ease.

12.) Grills

What better way to stay healthy and enjoy a meal than with an outdoor grill?

Grills are great for fitness enthusiasts as they can cook low-fat meals in just minutes.

So many options are available, from gas to charcoal grills, pellet and electric grills, and even portable ones that fit into tight spaces. Whether you choose a traditional or advanced

model, you will make your fitness-focused friend happy with a tasty and healthy meal.

Infrared grills are a favorite as they are claimed to heat up faster with a lower chance of burning meats and veggies since they are less likely to flare up. A win-win indeed!

13.) Woks

Woks are great for stir-fries and other healthy dishes. If your fitness enthusiast friend loves to cook Asian-inspired meals, a wok is an essential kitchen tool!

Woks can be used to stir fry vegetables, meats, and seafood quickly over high heat without the need for oil or butter. The curved shape of the traditional wok helps to keep messes to a minimum while allowing for a lot of surface area for large food prep batches!

A carbon steel wok is a must for any stir-fry-loving fitness friend!

14.) Blenders

A post-workout smoothie hits the spot every time!

Ninja offers some of the best performance for the value of any blender on the market, while Vitamix takes smoothies and homemade salad dressings to another level.

15.) Juicers

There is nothing quite like fresh juice after intense sweat sessions.

Juicers make it easy to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies.

Breville has an incredible line, with the Juice Fountain Cold XL being one of the hardest-working yet affordable options on the market.

16.) Adjustable dumbbells

Almost any strength workout can be improved with the addition of adjustable dumbbells.

NuoBell adjustable dumbbells offer classic dumbbell designs with weight changes from 5#s per dumbbell up to 80#s per dumbbell. These can offer a hard workout and more calories burned with just the twist of the handle.

17.) Hiking Boots

Some friends love the great outdoors, and hiking is one of the best sunny health fitness activities there is.

A pair of hiking boots from REI is the ideal gift for any active person who loves workouts to be outside.

18.) Backpack

A backpack is another gift to accompany the sunny health fitness that the great outdoors can offer.

Fortunately, REI’s backpack section has you covered there too. Being outside reduces stress, is one of the greatest forms of self-care, and can involve nearly any family member in the journey.

19.) Meditation App

One of the best fitness additions to any workout routine is meditation.

Meditation can calm the mind before sleep, help the brain become super quiet after a day of stress, and even help relieve pain and reduce stress. This is why a meditation app is a powerful option for your fit friend to add after their workouts.

Headspace and Calm are currently at the top of the leaderboard for downloads and are great for anyone looking to change gears. These can help make sure our inner voices don’t become outdoor voices


Have a friend who loves the great outdoors but has a bit more of an urban environment?

GORUCK has been making incredible rucksacks for any environment. Beautiful pieces of equipment that can be passed down for generations while also being one of the best fitness gifts ever made.

Throw it on, and walk to their heart’s desire.

21.) Duffel Bag

Got a fitness lover who loves gear and a full-body workout? They can pack the house in a classic duffle from NoBull.

Any gym rat will rejoice at being able to tote all of their gear with the added bonus of never needing to locate their lost knee sleeves or jump rope ever again. Practically a moving closet, this gym bag is a great gift that will not go unnoticed. Being water resistant is a huge plus, making this possibly the best gym bag.

22.) Mobility App

Add a little self-care to the workouts with added mobility work.

GoWod offers an incredible guided routine based on your own limitations. If you really need to slow down, reduce soreness, and relieve some muscle tension, Pliability has a daily routine led by an instructor that feels like a yoga class but focused on mobility and recovery.

Any exercise devotee would love to move better and improve circulation, and these mobility apps can do just that. Pair with an acupressure mat to feel extra good.

23.) Sports Gear (gym shorts or joggers)

Ready to throw out those old clothes that stink up your gym bag, even when they are clean?

You may have a friend who you already know you could give Lululemon as their fitness gift and never go wrong. If you know that your fitness lover isn’t brand loyal and is ready to try something new, Vuori is getting rave reviews with its comfortable joggers, fresh-looking shorts, and crazy cozy shirts.

24.) Weightlifting Shoes

Engaging in exercise is empowering, and the real gym rat knows that strength training is one of the most potent and life-changing exercises to engage in. It can even increase bone mass!

Weightlifting shoes can help your lifter friend hit better positions in almost any strength training movement. If they are into Olympic weightlifting, the shoes are the best gift to keep them grounded with a firm sole and elevated heel for increased mobility.

25.) Yoga mat

Whether your friend is new to yoga or experienced in the practice, a quality yoga mat can make all the difference.

A great yoga mat should be made of anti-slip material that reduces slipping and sliding during poses and provides cushioning for joints. Many mats also come with carrying bags so that they are easier to transport for taking to classes or

This cork option is great for increased traction in hot, full-body workout sessions, while this classic from Lululemon is great because it has an increased surface area to accommodate more positions.

26.) Cross-Training Shoes

Does your friend love HIIT, strength, and also endurance work? Cross trainers are great footwear to accommodate quick transitions with little concern for how the shoe will perform.

These options are great for all of the above!

27.) Toe spacers, Acupressure mat

People are often amazed at how strengthening the feet can improve overall function; your feet are your foundation!

The Toe Spacer brand has made spreading this joy (and your toes) its mission. This Ultimate Recovery Kit can help with its classic toe spacer technology. Although not a traditional yoga mat, its acupressure mat for your feet can get those feet feeling wonderful. I’ve even seen people lay down and use the mat as a back massager after a long day.

28.) Running Shoes

No fitness enthusiast’s wardrobe would be complete without a good pair of running shoes. Whether you’re running for fun or participating in competitive races, it’s important to have the right shoe that will provide adequate cushion and support.

There are myriad brands out there, so be sure to shop around to find the perfect style and colorways that match your favorite exercise devotee.

On, Altra, and Hoka are common at any running scene, but I still love my Nike Pegasus.

29.) Compression Technology

Whether it is clothing or true technology like Normatec boots, compression technology is one of the best fitness gifts available.

Normatec for legs is incredible for recovery if you have a friend who loves to crush leg day.

While this technology goes above and beyond, there is no denying that a classic staple like compression shorts or shirt makes any fitness lovers workout more comfortable. Nike offers a full line of compression gear to get your friend fully decked out.

30.) Vibrating Massage Gun

One of the latest and greatest gifts on the market, the vibrating massage gun is perfect for any muscle soreness or tightness.

This lightweight gun offers multiple levels of intensity to give your friend a deep post-workout massage. With several attachment heads, this tool can be used almost anywhere from the neck to your feet!

Theragun has proven to be a company that keeps advancing their technology year after year and offers a compact option with the Theragun Mini. The Theragun Mini packs all the punch and is compact for travel, with settings gentle enough to be a neck massager.

31.) Cold Plunge

On the notion of recovery, cold water immersion has become the talk of the internet touting benefits from increased immunity, better mental clarity, increased recovery, and relieving sore muscles.

Cold plunge tech runs the gambit, from using a livestock tank or rubber trashcan to the incredibly sleek and swanky Morozko Forge.

I still love The Colde Plunge due to its practicality; practical that it has a built-in filtration system and also offers a version that heats up in case you live further north and the winter would leave your water fully frozen.

32.) Sauna

Nothing is quite like a sauna after a hard workout. Not only does it feel amazing, but research shows that it helps you recover faster and can even make you more flexible.

Contrast therapy is also a hot topic these days, and a Sisu Sauna can make the perfect housewarming gift for any season! Fitting in a sauna session at home is much easier to fit in the workout planner.

33.) Exercise Headphones

If you’re looking for a gift that is both fashionable and practical, then look no further than exercise headphones. Exercise headphones are designed to stay in place during physical activity without weighing you down or getting in the way.

These headphones usually come with some kind of sound amplification technology like noise cancellation so your loved one can focus on their tunes. Apple AirPod Pros are great for any workout, while ESC Sounds offers a wrap-around earbud with a strong battery life for those that love to workout hard.

Headphones with Bluetooth connectivity really are one of the best fitness gifts because we all love to get pumped up from our favorite playlist.

34.) Pickleball Set

Pickleball is a great gift to stay active with your friends, and it’s just as fun for all ages.

A pickleball set can include paddles, balls, and even a net if you’re looking to shop in bulk. It’s an awesome outdoor game that will keep them busy as they get to exercise their outdoor voices while getting a great workout.

35.) Cooling Mattress

What better way to support a fitness habit than with great sleep, helped by a cooling mattress?

This is perfect for those that love working out and enjoy the comforts of home. The temperature-regulating technology will help keep them comfortable while they recover after grueling workouts or long runs.

They’ll be able to get their rest without feeling too hot or waking in the middle of the night with sweat in the middle of the summer. EightSleep is by far my favorite, and they have everything from a cooling mattress topper to a full sleep system, including a bedframe, bed, and even a pillow set! And yes, the pillow set is amazing.

What Is An Affordable Gift for Health And Fitness Enthusiasts?

Bonus:-) Water Bottle

A water bottle is a great gift for health and fitness enthusiasts. Not only does a water bottle provide a convenient way to stay hydrated on the go, but they also come in various colors, styles, and sizes to match any personality.

Hydro Flask manufactures a world-class water bottle that can even be personalized with names or favorite quotes, making a plain old water bottle an even more special gift. And if you are looking for recycled water bottles, check out this option from Kleen Kanteen!


Whether holiday shopping, birthday shopping, or just because, this list can keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in the exercise scene.

What is another fitness gift that fit folks love? Share those ideas with me! I would love to hear from you.

Happy exercising! 🙂

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