The Best Meal Prep Containers [2023]

Do you often want to eat well but find that convenience gets in the way?

Meal prepping is a great solution as it saves you time by bulk prepping, giving you nutritious meals for the whole week. With so many meal prep containers out there, choosing the best one for your needs can seem overwhelming.

I am passionate about helping folks lead a healthier lifestyle, which is why this article will guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the right meal prep containers for 2023! Ready to up your meal prep game? From size and shape considerations – including how much food each container should store – all the way to materials – I’ll break it down so you can make an informed decision when selecting your own meal prep containers. Let’s avoid plastic containers yet store food for all of prepped meals. So let’s get started!

What Are The Best Meal Prep Containers in 2023?

The top 3 best meal prep containers of 2023 are the following, but we will discuss many other contenders:

  1. OXO Good Grips Smart Seal Glass Container – Best glass meal prep containers, plus I love this 8-cup offering.
  2. Caraway Ceramic Coated Food Containers – Pricey, but dishwasher safe, and the best all around.
  3. Hyrdo Flask Insulated Food Jars – Hydro Flask will keep your food hot or cold for hours, and their lunch boxes are incredible.

We will dive deeper into these 3 meal prep containers and others, but let’s first talk about what makes a great meal prep container.

What Makes A Great Meal Prep Container

The first thing for me is if it is ever going to be heated, washed with soap, or used to store acidic substances like marinades or even fresh pineapples, the container has to be glass. Meal prepping and appropriate storage always needs to consider how and if we are going to reheat our containers.

So let’s get real; that’s like almost everything. I still use plastic when I run out of my glass containers, and it would only be to store things like potatoes that are already cooked or cut-up vegetables that I will cook later. Freezer safe is a plus, but glass isn’t always freezer safe. I’ll note if the glass meal prep containers mentioned are advertised as freezer safe.

To be fair, glass has its own cons:

  1. Stacking takes up more space with glass because you do not want the glass to nest – nesting is when the containers stack together perfectly to take up less space. Always store with the lids between each container.
  2. They chip over time. This is unavoidable; the more clumsy you are, the sooner it will happen.
  3. Lids can become temperamental over time, especially if washed on the bottom rack of a dishwasher or heated in the microwave without venting to prevent the lid from vacuuming down.

The cons for glass are real, but the alternatives with plastics are way worse:

  1. Microplastics are a problem, even without heating. Some of the chemicals in microplastics have been linked to health issues such as hormonal imbalances, and reduced fertility and have even been shown to promote obesity and cardiovascular disease in mammals. (Persiani, Cecchettini, Ceccherini, Gisone, Morales, Vozzi, (2023) Microplastics: A Matter of the Hearth (and Vascular System), Biomedicines, Jan 18; 11)
  2. Leachate, which carries heavy metals, is present in microplastics released from plastic storage, even when previously heat treated. (Liu, Wang, Wang, Ying, Li, Hu, Zhang, (2022) Disposable plastic materials release microplastics and harmful substances in hot water, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 818)

Plenty of glass, stainless steel, and even ceramic options are available. Even if the probability of damage from plastic containers is low, we have so many options available to us, and getting our hands on them is easier than ever; why take the chance?

The Best Meal Prep Containers [2023]

1.) OXO Good Grips Smart Seal Glass Container

These containers are incredible. First, they are glass, so you know that you do not have to worry about microplastics or those obnoxious stains that come from microwaving your leftover lasagna or, my favorite, meatballs. Meal prepping my lunches for the week is a breeze with these.

They have a top-notch sealing and locking system that you can trust. The snap on lids are unbeatable. You can fill these things with water, lock them shut, and flip them over with no drips. I trust these in my backpack when I go to work without a care in the world.

The tempered glass container is also designed to go from the freezer to the oven. You can simply remove the colored lids from these larger containers and place them right in the oven.

These have been my standard for 2 years now, and I haven’t seen anything come close to my daily lunch carrier. Again, the 8-cup option cannot be beaten for those of us that love to workout hard and need larger meals. With an affordable price and the leak proof technology, these are the best glass meal prep containers.

OXO Good Grips Glass Container

2.) Caraway Ceramic Coated Food Containers

These things are the real deal. Ceramic coated, so you are BPA free while having tons of color options while being absolutely non-stick.

Some of the inserts are not microwave safe, but since the main elements are ceramic coated, those are completely microwave safe. The lids are also glass, so if you worry about the moisture from microwaving your plastic lids in other options, this is the choice for you.

These classy food storage containers come with inserts to make multiple compartments for your own bento boxes, keeping foods separate and also a nifty storage setup so you never have to worry about stacking or losing lids ever again. All the containers stored neatly.

For aesthetics, convenience, and holding the standard of toxin-free, the Caraway Ceramic Coated food prep containers have it all.

3.) Hyrdo Flask Insulated Food Jars

Insulated food jars are the best for when you know you aren’t going to have refrigeration or something to heat your food.

You can load up the cold or hot food before you take off for the day. The screw-top lids are secure, so you can trust that liquids for your foods won’t end up in unwelcomed places.

I have seen these vessels hold temp for over 8 hours. They are completely BPA free and toxin free, as well as totally dishwasher-safe. You may only need 1 or 2, but they are irreplaceable in the food prep arsenal. Keep prepared foods or any other food cold without the need for refridgeration.

4.) Anchor Hocking Classic Glass

Not all glass containers needs to have a water-tight seal. I love these Anchor Hocking glass containers for food prep items because they stack so neatly in my refrigerator.

Whether it is marinating top sirloin or meal prepping 3 days’ worth of cooked potatoes for my wife and I, the 11-cup version Anchor Hocking offers is a clear winner. They are mostly flat, making the most of the refrigerator space while also making a clean aesthetic for when you go to glance through the fridge taking inventory for that next killer meal. All glass containers so you can stay BPA free.

5.) Creative Co-op Berry Baskets

Some fruits deserve their own special storage.

Berries need to breath, and these stoneware berry baskets from creative Co-op are simply the best. Gone are the days of looking in your fridge and seeing your blueberries and strawberries are starting to mold.

Mix a little bit of vinegar and water to wash your berries helps. Roughly 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water, wash as soon as you get home from the grocer, dry, and store in the berry baskets. You will see your berries last much longer than not washing them, and all of the open air helps to prevent any moisture from turning into mold.

I would wash these only on the top rack dishwasher, but they are the right containers to make the most of vertical space as they stack with ease. These are ceramic and not glass containers so they are a bit more durable in the shuffling of the fridge.

Creative Co-op Berry Basket

6.) Ball Mason Jars

Mason jars are by far some of the best glass meal prep containers around. With nearly unlimited sizes, you are only limited by your creativity.

The quart sizes mason jars are great for individual meals like overnight oats, or even salads. Just pour the salad dressings in the bottom of the hard first, and then place all of your other salad ingredients on top. With the tight fitting leak proof lids, you can meal prep easier without fear of oil or veggies ending up in you work bag.

Other brands mason jars work great as well, but Ball wide mouth jars offer so many size options, from small containers, to half gallon and up, so you can store a whole week’s worth of food in the door of your refrigerator.

Classically used for food storage, don’t over look these glass meal prep containers for any of your meal prep health goals and easy meals on the go.

7.) Snack Bags

Snack bags can be tough, but not all of our cooked foods or prepared meals need glass meal prep containers. When you need to ditch the lunch box because you do not have too much space, looking for BPA free bags and avoiding plastic containers can be tough.

My 2 favorites are these BPA free Winrock Resusable Food Storage Bags. Since they are made of silicon, you can be sure that they are also free of lead, phthalates, and latex. These can even be used as a sous vide bag since they seal tight.

These are great for road trips, school lunches, veggies, small portions,and all of the snack meals you may eat on the go. You can load up protein sources like grilled chicken in one bag with a side of fresh berries in another, on of my favorite road trip meals. Then I save time and save money by not going through the drive through, I can count my macros from a safe container with the foods I love. A meal I love.

From stasher bags of goldfish or dried mango to a container that is freezer safe, to truly easy storage, reusable food storage bags are some the best containers around.

8.) For Kids

Meal prep containers for kids usually looks like a plastic bento box and are not very durable.

Planet Box’s Rover Stainless Steel Lunchbox is at the top of my list. These meal prep containers provide your children with BPA free food storage containers for lunch that any nutrition coach or registered dietitian would be proud of. They even have two compartments inside of the box equipped with tight fitting lids for any soups or other wet items.

With five compartments, you can keep foods separated while your kids’ meals are safe since this isn’t a glass container. Stainless steel, so you are dishwasher safe, even off of the top rack.

9.) Dry Food Storage

Dry food storage containers are the perfect solution for keeping your dry goods and snacks safe. You can use them to store flour, oats, cereal, and snacks that you want to keep fresh and away from moisture.

ZENS Glass Canisters are BPA free and offer air-tight glass containers for all of your bulk items. The airtight seals on these containers provide a tight lid that prevents moisture or pests from entering and destroying your food. They also come in various sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for whatever type of dry food storage you need. Ranging from 10 oz all the way up to 74 oz, you can find any sized container for your storage needs.

No need for the ol’ pyrex containers or any other old plastic container. All of your dry foods are safe from the elements with these storage containers.

10.) Child Safe Bulk Storage

The ZENS meal prep containers above are great if you aren’t worried about rambunctious offspring wreaking havoc in the pantry. If you know you have young ones that are prone to accidents, then you are probably looking for something that won’t shatter upon impact.

The Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers are great as these containers meet our criteria for BPA free. They are still plastic, so wash them minimally, do not heat, and try to keep scrubbing to a minimum.

I love the variety set, with one tall container for pasta. We make our own pasta at home fairly often so being able to make more than one meal worth and store is a huge plus! Bonus points awarded for the reusable labels.

11.) Shaker Bottles

Want to keep drinks handy at the gym and optimize your nutrient timing?

I see folks go to the ends of the earth to maximize their fitness, only to slam protein or slightly acidic electrolyte blends in their plastic bottles. The damages may be minimal, but I’d love to see more stainless steel at the gym. I used to see this one extremely fit gal use a wide-mouthed mason jar; I ain’t mad at it.

A little safer than the mason jar in public is The Rogue branded BlenderBottle, and it has been my go-to for years. Great for any liquid meal, this shaker is one of the greatest containers for public spaces. The seal works great, the lid is trustworthy, and the insulated steel is as good as any other big name out there.

12.) Coffee

Coffee is always hard on the go, and if you care about flavor, you know that stainless steel just doesn’t cut it.

That tatse of old pennies just completely covers up those light notes from your favorite anaerobic-processed Ethiopian. You have to have ceramic, but the fragility leads to chipped edges and low expectations for any vessel you find.

Fellow has been growing in the coffee space for years, and their ingenuity keeps surprising again, and again. They have a variety of travel mugs, but the latest is a modern technological marvel.

The Carter Slide Mug does so many things right. The angled lid helps you stay drip free while being wildly convenient for one-handed operations. You can focus on the road while savoring the efforts of your weighed and measured pour-over process. Don’t let the stainless steel look fool you; this thing is ceramic coated, so you get the true taste you savor and not the metallic override on your morning drive.

Fellow Carter Slide Mug


There are a ton of meal prep containers out there. Options can lead to fatigue, and I have narrowed down the details to a few key categories and provided the best option for each.

My wife and I are a couple of self-proclaimed meal prep experts and have tested about as many meal prep containers and applications of those meal prep containers as anyone we know.

I don’t fancy myself a food writer, but I’m happy to share all of the benefits of meal prep and the best equipment for meal prep moving forward.

Did I miss your favorite meal prep option? Hit me up to let me know! I’m always looking to try something new that can benefit our lives. Happy prepping!

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